Car Accident – How To Talk To An Insurance Adjuster?

After being in a car accident, a person is usually focused on getting medical help and treating their injuries. No victim of a car accident is in their right mind during that time. However, soon after the accident, you are likely to get a call from an insurance adjuster of the defendant. It is crucial to be careful about every word you say to them. 

Believe it or not, how you talk to their insurer and what you say can make or break your case. One way to protect yourself is to let your Lehi, UT car accident lawyer speak to them instead. However, if you wish to talk to them personally, here are a few things that you should keep in mind. 

Speak politely. 

It is natural to be tense and even angry after the accident, especially if the other person has caused it. However, taking your anger out on their insurance adjuster will do you no good. In fact, all it may do is weaken your case. Being polite and calmly answering all of their questions carefully will give them nothing to use against you. 

Deny recording of the conversation. 

One of the first things that the defendant’s insurance adjuster will ask over this phone call is whether they can record the conversation. Remember that no matter how much they try to convince you that the recording is for your own good, it never is. Politely refuse to get recorded. You are under no legal obligation to get your statements recorded. 

Do not release too much information about your accident. 

The insurance adjuster may try to show concern towards your injuries and ask how the incident took place. Remember that this is a tactic to get you to mistakenly say something wrong, which they can later use against you. Only give them the basic information such as the vehicles involved, location of the accident site, drivers involved, etc. 

Know who you are speaking to. 

You are allowed to know who you are speaking to and ask for their information. Before releasing any info, ask them for their name, personal phone number, and insurance company name when you receive the call. This practice sends the message that you are serious about the case. 

Do not take settlements on the phone call. 

The insurance adjuster may try to offer you an amount on the phone call before you even have the chance to know the full extent of your injuries or speak to an attorney. Do not accept offers made during the call as the first offers are always the lowest and are likely not enough to cover your damages. When offered, politely decline and tell them that you wish to go through the claims process. 

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