Employment Law and Related Claims

Like in any other field in life, labor employment comes with a host of legal challenges. Usually, those who file suits in these areas are individuals who may feel to have been treated unfairly in a variety of ways. Employment law involves matters like workplace bullying, harassment, and gender discrimination. At some point, it may include even wage disputes and other forms of mistreatment. Labor employment attorneys can help in most of these disputes related to labor laws.

And, of course, it is common for such victims to fail to find help. That is true, especially for those who don’t know the office to head to for assistance. Potts Law Firm Houston is the office to call for help for anyone looking or seeking assistance with labor-related legal issues.

The attorneys here work hard towards representing clients through all the challenging stages of litigation. All these do to ensure fair and reasonable treatment through protection of rights. Clients can be sure to get assistance in the following areas.

Discrimination based on Age, Gender, and Race

Discriminatory practices against workers are highly prohibited in Texas and other areas. When someone suffers any form of discrimination, legal action will be taken against the responsible employer. And the Potts Law Firm commits its resources and time to help workers who may suffer such cases.

Discrimination at the workplace may take many forms, from age, gender to race. If someone suffers any of these situations, the lawyers from Potts Law Firm will surely help and hold the employer responsible for the unethical and discriminatory behavior.

Salary/Overtime Disputes

The Fair Labor Standards Act is responsible for the guidelines which guarantee salary and overtime rights for employees. There are many guidelines in this act. Unfortunately, not all employers follow them to the latter. For instance, it protects individual workers from being underpaid and undervalued in the working environment. While some employees may not be aware of such concerns in most cases, hiring expert attorneys from Potts Law Firm Houston will bring the biggest difference.

Sexual Harassment

It is common for employers, especially the female to be subject to sexual harassment at the workplace. However, not everyone who suffers from these cases usually reports or speaks out. The fear of losing the job or losing the case may make one choose silence over speaking.

Those filing for sexual harassment must also meet some requirements, most of which are usually difficult to determine. Fortunately, the Potts Law Firm Houston can help such victims to understand and prepare for every pertinent issue and concern.  Their goal is to protect clients’ rights against any form of injustice in the workplace.

Wrongful Termination

Usually, in most states, employers have the right to terminate an employee for just any reason. However, it is common for some rules not to be followed under the employment discrimination laws. And there are chances some employers may ignore any of these and violate an employee’s rights. The Potts Law Firm is ready to fight for such victims’ rights.

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