How to Protect Your Rights After You Leave the Scene of an Accident

Nobody wants to get into a car accident. Even for a seemingly minor crash, the process is, simply put, a real pain. It is inconvenient to waste your time with the other driver as well as the insurance companies involved.

Car accidents are also stressful because you may be afraid that you are saying or doing the wrong things. Insurance companies will do what they can to protect themselves, and this means putting the blame on you. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can protect your legal rights after a car crash.

Call the Police

This is an important step, even if the accident was minor.  The police officer who arrives at the accident scene will write an official report, which can provide evidence of who was at fault. Always call the police; never let the other driver convince you otherwise.

Gather Information From the Other Driver

Get the other driver’s name, address, telephone number, driver’s license number, and insurance information. You will need this information to file a claim with your insurance company and seek compensation for the damages you suffered.


Document the Accident Scene


Take photos of the crash site, as you will need them for evidence. Get pictures of all injuries and damages. Take notes of what happened, the location of the crash, the time of day, weather conditions, road conditions, etc. The more information you can get, the easier it will be to document your claim.

Seek Medical Treatment


Even if you feel fine after a car crash, some injuries do not appear right away. The adrenaline from the accident may mask the true pain you are experiencing. You could have injuries show up days or even weeks later, so get checked out now. If you do suffer injuries later on, the evidence will show that you did seek medical help right away and you are not trying to fake an injury claim down the road. If you do not see a doctor right away, you could actually lose out on your rights to compensation for medical expenses, so do not delay.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Let your agent know you were involved in an accident and what damages are involved. They will file a claim and may ask for a statement or other information. Be careful of what you say and say as little as possible, as you do not want to inadvertently admit fault.


Contact a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Car accidents can be tricky to navigate. What you say or do can be used against you, so make sure you understand the right way to proceed after a crash, so you are not held liable for something that was not your fault.

The Law Office of Joel M. Vecchio, P.C. can assess your case and obtain evidence that will work in your favor. We operate on a contingency basis, so we do not get paid unless you win. We are available 24/7. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (972) 380-4444 or filling out the online form.

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