Looking For a Car Accident Lawyer DUI Accident in Fort Wayne

If you are living in Fort Wayne and lost a loved one in a car accident because the driver was intoxicated, you can receive damages, even though we understand that it is not enough considering what has happened to you. In Fort Wayne, driving under the influence is not allowed almost as we see in other states in the US. A Fort Wayne car accident legal specialist can help you understand the next steps if this is something that has happened to you recently.

Can you drive under the influence?

To put it into simple words, you cannot. This holds true even if you were prescribed medication by a medical professional. You need to understand that you cannot do something like driving when in you are not in a sober state as it puts the lives of others at risk. While you may believe you are in a condition to drive, the law states otherwise. 

Studies on DUI car accidents:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in recent years DUI accidents have been on the rise. Studies show that there are about 550 car accidents reported every year, out of which more than 25 percent of the accidents are caused by drunk drivers. If you have had a long day of partying and drinking, it is best that you call a cab service or get someone you know (in a sober state) to drive you home. 

Blood alcohol level:

If a police officer suspects and stops your car and later finds that there is more than 0.08 percent alcohol in your blood, you are in trouble. If the blood alcohol level is even higher than that, you may even have to pay hefty penalties. Similarly, a 0.02 percent of alcohol level in a twenty-one year is not allowed.

Final thoughts:

So, if you were out partying and had too much to drink or are under medications that alter your mental state in any way, you should not be driving. Putting the lives of others in danger is no joke, and if you get caught, you can even be sentenced. If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in an accident, it’s important to get the help of a personal injury lawyer. For more information, get in touch with a car accident lawyer in Fort Wayne immediately. 

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