Nursing Home Negligence– When to Seek Legal Assistance?

In a world where assisted living is common, discovering your parent to have encountered a nursing home negligence injury is unforeseen. Maximum Americans experience these traumatic conditions where they have to see their elder parents suffer from serious injury.

Negligence in any nursing home may cause indescribable suffering and pain. What’s worse is that it may also lead to fatal ailments or death. Now, how does nursing home negligence occur?

An Introduction to Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home negligence is a traumatic and tragic issue. It occurs when an individual in a nursing home doesn’t get compassionate care or attention and suffers from mental or physical issues. If you think your loved one is suffering from such neglect in a nursing home in Sandy, take legal advice from a Sandy Utah Attorney today.

Signs Indicating You Need Legal Advice for Nursing Home Negligence

Here are the signs that you need legal assistance from a solicitor.

#1 Over-Medicating

Over-medicating might be the most crucial sign indicating nursing home neglect. Have you noticed your family member or close one getting disoriented and behaving strangely? Or have their conditions deteriorated in spite of offering complete attention? It may indicate medication abuse. Also, giving wrong medications is another sign. Any misuse or abuse of medicines is a severe issue that needs to get addressed.

#2 Unsanitary Conditions

Unsanitary conditions in the space where your loved one is living are also a warning sign. Speak to the staff if the nursing home doesn’t offer well-maintained housekeeping services.

However, if they don’t take the matter seriously, it might be a dangerous sign of utmost carelessness. The presence of mold, dirt, and dust aggravates the conditions and makes your loved one ill.

#3 Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse against youngsters and older adults is another heinous crime you can ever imagine. But it’s a regret that these crimes do happen. Whether the perpetrator is a staff member or another resident, you must consult the attorney if you suspect sexual abuse.

#4 Unexplainable Physical Abuse

Physical abuse may result in unimaginable wounds, cuts, and bruises in the patient’s body. So, if you see unexplainable scratch marks and signs in your loved one’s body, now is the time to take the matter seriously. While seniors with limited mobility may have accidents, isn’t there a huge difference between everyday bruises and unexplainable injuries?

So, you should first ask the staff for any injury report. If you think they are highly suspicious, consult a legal associate at the soonest.

Other signs of nursing home negligence are:

  • Soiled clothes and bedding
  • Deteriorated emotional health
  • Bedsores
  • Serious Weight Loss
  • Monetary Abuse

If you suspect any of these aforementioned abuses, the first step you need to take is to determine emergency treatment. If you think it’s compulsory, communicate with them first. Record their voices and take pictures. After gathering these proofs, take them to a highly-qualified solicitor against abuse in a nursing home. Let the expert take the lead & fight for your loved one’s life.

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