Online Solutions for Consent Orders

Just because we are going through a Covid-19 pandemic, life must go on, and if you are going through a divorce or separation and would like to compile a legally binding agreement with your ex-partner, regarding the sharing of joint assets, you will need the help of a family lawyer. Of course, this would normally involve going to see the lawyer at their offices, but many legal firms are now offering virtual consultations, which means you can eliminate human contact.

How Do Virtual Law Consultations Work?

In the event you wish to apply for consent orders in Sydney, you first much reach an agreement with your ex-partner regarding the division on joint assets. Once this is done, you simply upload the file to the lawyer, who would have the time to read it before your scheduled online video call, and during the call, the lawyer would obtain the information he or she needs to draw up the consent orders. There are many assets that need to be considered, aside from the family home, you might have vehicles, domestic appliances or any other tangible asset that is classed as joint.

Fixed Fee Consent Orders

Ideally, you want a lawyer who will charge you a fixed amount, regardless of how much time they have to spend on this matter, which allows you to budget. After the online consultation, the lawyer will draw up the consent orders, which you must approve, then the orders can be submitted to the Family Court and you do not have to attend.

Coming to an Agreement

It isn’t always smooth going when you try to work out a fair way to share the joint assets, and in some cases, one party feels they have not been treated fairly and will take legal action to achieve their goal. This is a very expensive way to go about things, as there are heavy legal costs when you go to court, but most couples manage to agree, which might include superannuation-splitting, where one party offers the other a share of their superannuation.

If you are looking for consent orders in Sydney, a Google search will help you to locate an established law firm that handles consent orders, and the whole thing can be completed online without you or your ex-partner having to attend the court hearing.

You can make the agreement legally binding is you hire a family lawyer to submit consent orders to the Family Court on your behalf.

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