Quick guide for finding a social security disability attorney in Rogers

If you are seeking social security disability benefits and your claim has been denied, do not lose heart. The Social Security Administration approves only 30% of the applications in the initial round, but the good part is you have the option to file an appeal. While you don’t have to mandatorily hire a Rogers social security disability attorney for your case, it could be a wise step. The entire SSDI system is complex and filled with legal jargon, and you may have to wait for a long time to get the benefits. An attorney only makes your task easier. In this post, we are sharing more about what it takes to find a disability attorney. 

  1. Make a list. Ask around, talk to people you know, and find at least a couple of disability attorneys that you can contact. Ideally, contact an attorney before you file your application so that they can help you with the process and paperwork. There are also online directories for each city, and you can also consider checking the websites of top law firms. 
  2. Response matters. There are disability attorneys who are overwhelmed with work and don’t want to talk to clients over a call. While it is common for lawyers to hire a team to handle the bunch of cases that come in, you should still have a good feeling working with an attorney. Request a free consultation and check if the lawyer answers your questions. 
  3. Check the experience of the lawyer. Not all attorneys have the same kind of experience with social security disability claims. As a client, you should ask questions about the lawyer’s body of work, if they have been to appeals and hearings, and how they have managed to turn things around for clients. Ask about their top cases, including claims and appeals they consider landmarks in their profile. 
  4. Don’t fall for guarantees. While disability lawyers can turn things around, they cannot promise an exact outcome for your case. Do not work with an attorney who claims tall things or makes promises that seem too good to be true. For instance, disability lawyers have no role in speeding up the approval process. 
  5. Communication matters. You should be able to contact the attorney or their team to get updates on your claim. There’s no denying that communication is a key factor to consider when comparing lawyers. 

Call an attorney today to know more about disability claims. 

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