Facing a Criminal Charge? Here’s What You Must Do if You Think Your Constitutional Rights are Protected

A criminal accusation is a serious matter that can have you dealing with consequences for a long time, including jail time. However, each individual who is facing a criminal charge deserves a fair trial. The criminal justice process guarantees all people some rights. If you think your constitutional rights have been violated, seek legal help from a Rochester criminal attorney immediately. Your lawyer will help you take action and protect yourself. Here are steps you should take:

Understand Your Rights

Before you let yourself feel choked of the charges against you, you must know your rights and the available protections available for you. If you have been denied speedy trial or legal counsel, or a victim of illegal seizure of evidence, you must study these issues and know some legal facts. Before you file a complaint, ensure someone truly violated your rights.

Consult a Defense Lawyer

If you are facing a criminal charge, you need a skilled criminal defense lawyer to be your advocate. Also, your lawyer will make sure your rights are respected and upheld by those involved in the process. Whenever you feel that someone is taking advantage of you, talk to your attorney about it. Your lawyer will work with you in building your case and preparing arguments for the reason the court must not accept evidence, not permit a witness to testify, or dismiss your case altogether. The best attorney has expertise in the laws that surround your case. They know whether your rights have been compromised and your chance of succeeding in your complaints. If your lawyer believes you do not have a solid case, they will tell you about it upfront. When this happens, they will tell you that the violation you believed you suffered was with the law’s scope. 

Bring Your Complaint to a Judge 

Once your attorney thinks that you should file a lawsuit against another party who violated your rights, they will present your case before a judge. In this type of lawsuit, it is common to face law enforcement and other parties in court. Once this occurs, the judge will determine whether the other party violated your constitutional rights and how this will impact your criminal case. 

No matter how serious your criminal charges are, you have constitutional rights that you want to protect. Your criminal attorney can discuss these rights with you. You must talk to a lawyer if you think you were not afforded the legal protection you deserve. 

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