Hiring Car Accident Attorneys – Is it Required Despite Having Insurance?

Road accidents are the leading cause of premature deaths in Washington. Spokane Valley and the Interstate 90 highway connecting Spokane with Seattle is home to some of the most dangerous roads. The number of auto accidents in these areas keeps mounting despite strict traffic rules. Hence, the state of Washington mandates every driver to purchase an insurance policy that includes PIP coverage. Having said that, despite having insurance, many victims struggle to get their claims passed. 

If you or somebody you know and love is going through such tough times, you must read this guide on how car accident attorneys in Spokane can help. Dive in for all the information! 

Why Seek Help From Attorneys Despite Having Insurance? 

First off, nobody imagines going through the trauma of being in an accident, getting seriously injured, or suffering from property damage due to the negligence of other drivers. Sadly, that’s the case most of the time. If you were responsible enough to buy an insurance policy, even then, the insurers aren’t responsible enough to willingly accept your claim and release the settlement amount. 

The only people who can legally help you get your claim – the maximum compensation you should receive – are experienced car accident attorneys. 

So, here’s why you need legal help despite having insurance: 

  • The insurance companies will try to compensate less. 
  • The guilty driver might not have an insurance policy. This means you’ll have to file a claim under your insurance policy. The legalities are very confusing. Only skilled attorneys can understand the technicalities. 
  • Claiming insurance is tedious. The case has to be built from scratch that includes the FIR copy of the accident, the statement of doctors, your medical reports, all your medical bills, and much much more. You can’t prepare a strong case on your own, lawyers can! 

How to Choose the Right Car Accident Attorneys? 

Now that you know why you need legal help, you need to understand how to find a worthy lawyer. It might sound easy when someone says you just need to pick the phone and book an appointment. But, the fact that your case will depend upon the credentials and skills of the attorneys, it’s a big responsibility to hire one. 

Wherefore, you should hire trusted lawyers who can aggressively defend your case and ensure you get the maximum monetary compensation. Some things that you must take into account when hiring a car accident attorney are as follows. 

  1. The testimonials.
  2. The winning track record.
  3. The experience of the lawyer.
  4. The persuasion skills of the lawyer. 

Bear in mind, just a few handfuls of trusted law firms like Albrecht Law have been actively helping car accident victims in Spokane County, Adams County, and Grant County to get a fair settlement amount. Hence, be very careful of the lawyer you choose to represent your case. 

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