Things to know about hiring a personal injury attorney in Stockton

Did you suffer a dog bite because your neighbor didn’t have the canine on leash? Were you injured in a traffic accident in Stockton? Did you suffer a fracture because of a slip-and-fall accident? No matter the circumstances, legal counsel is always advisable. The right lawyer can make or break your case. In this post, we are sharing things worth knowing about hiring a personal injury attorney in Stockton. 

Expertise matters

The scope of personal injury law is broad, and you need a lawyer, who has worked on comparable cases. Ask the lawyer about the percentage of their practice that’s dedicated to similar accidents and cases. You can also ask the lawyer about their work experience in general, how long they have been practicing in Stockton, and if they can share a few references. 

You can get free case evaluation

Most, if not all, attorneys offer free consultation for personal injury cases. You don’t have to pay the lawyer to discuss the case. During the initial meeting, the lawyer can explain your rights, what to expect from the case, and a realistic settlement amount. The lawyer may ask a few questions on the phone, before you meet them. 

Contingency fee is a norm

Usually, personal injury attorneys in California work on a contingency fee. In such an arrangement, the lawyer only gets a fee if they win. The fee is a fixed, pre-decided percentage of the settlement amount, varying from 20% to 40%. It all depends on the experience of the attorney, work involved, and complications of the case. 

You may get support for other expenses

Besides the fee of the lawyer, there could be other expenses that must be incurred. A good example of that would be litigation & investigation expenses. Ask the lawyer if they can handle these expenses for you, or else, you may need to pay upfront. If your lawyer pays the costs for now, they can adjust that with your settlement. 

Timing is important

California’s statutes allow two years to bring personal injury lawsuits against the party at fault. The clock starts from the accident date. If you are keen on winning a fair settlement, especially when your losses are extreme, it is wise to consult an attorney as soon as possible. 

Your lawyer can help in avoiding the common mistakes, and you can rely on them for handling the insurance claim and related negotiation. 

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