How Can a Lawyer Defend a Charge of Child Rape?

There can’t be any worse crime than being accused of child rape.  Even the words produce a feeling of revulsion among anyone who hears them.  As a society, we value our children more than anything else – even more than money and power.  After all, our children are our legacy to the world and the future of the human race.

So, when a person has been accused of child rape, the judge and the jury are already upset. Most people on the jury will have children of their own.  The mere thought of something like this happening to a child is very disturbing. They are ready to believe the worst even though our justice system presumes innocence until proven guilty.  People are not ready to believe the defendant over the child.

Fighting an Uphill Battle

With all these problems already stacked against the defendant, it is clear a defendant needs a rape of a child defense law firm. The Marshall Defense Law Firm specializes in sexual abuse cases.  With 20 years of experience behind them, they know how to fight this battle even with the cards stacked against them.

After all, many people accused of crimes are innocent.  A defense law firm must be highly skilled at doing detective work to prove that the defendant is innocent.  With the judge and jury already leaning toward conviction, it really is a difficult battle. Whatever truths the defense attorney can unearth will help the defendant.

False Allegations

Many times the lives of innocent people are ruined forever because of false allegations.  The rape of a child defense law firm must be adept at ruthlessly hunting down the truth.  Of course, this is easier said than done.

False allegations happen most frequently in child custody cases.  The best defense law firm knows how to counter these allegations.  There are instances where a mother is desperate to keep custody of her children, so she coaches them to lie about their father.  Or a child has a stormy relationship with her father and her mother is much less strict, so she lies about the father so she can stay with the mother.


One additional reason that a person must hire a rape of a child defense law firm is because investigations into the charges are often flawed right from the start. As we said before, this is a crime that most people don’t want to believe could ever really happen.  They are quick to believe that the adult is at fault.

Most investigators such as social workers and police officers are already prejudiced against the defendant.  They see their job as a protector of children and fail to conduct a fair, unbiased investigation.

The last reason those investigations may not be neutral is because people refuse to believe that children understand what sexual abuse is. Investigators don’t realize how much sexual information is available to children at younger and younger ages.  Unfortunately, with unsupervised internet use, today’s children can be quite capable of describing sexual activities whether or not they happened.

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