Top Things to Include in a Rental Home Lease Agreement

Do you want to let out a property on rent? In that case, you need to have a suitable rental lease agreement in place. It should be written in a proper way, so that all possible problems and flaws during the lease term can be avoided. A rental Florida lease agreement, written properly, can help you – even when you have the best tenant. These types of agreements need to abide by the laws related to rental units and the relationship of tenants and landlords in the area. A standard contract must cover all the important things – such as description of the rental premises, lease term, maintenance and repairs, regulations and rules, rental payment etc. While writing such a contract, you have to include these important things.

Increase in rental fees

A rental lease contract, when written in a proper way, must mention when the contract would come to an end. It must mention whether the landlord would increase the rental fee at the end of the term of agreement. Renters can realize whether the rental fee they are paying now would be the same in the future as well.

Mode of payment

The contract has to mention that the payment for the rental property would be carried out with post-dated checks, so as to make sure that there is no need for you to collect rent each month. You are advised to allot the first day of each month as the payment date. If you wish to know how such an agreement should be written, you have to check any free of cost agreement online.


As there is a passage of time, your property can get damaged. In that case, it would be impossible to avoid fixes and repairs. A few of these can be extensive as well as costly in nature. The contract must make a clear mention of whether the repairs will be a responsibility of the tenant as well as the landlord. Important clauses should be mentioned about whether the fixes and repairs that tenants bear are counted less than the monthly rental fees.

Schedule for rental payment

Paying rent fees right on time is the tenant’s duty, while the responsibility of the landlord is to remind tenants about their scheduled payment dates. As a best practice, the contract needs to clarify the monthly payment schedule. There are provisions in many of the rental lease agreement forms for grace periods or extensions for about three to seven days, for making late payments. The rental payment schedule should be mentioned by the form.

Routine tasks

It is also a good idea to include a clause for singe homes, duplex homes or multi-family rental homes, in order to declare that it is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure the removal of snow and garbage, effective lawn mowing etc. When there is this type of a clause, you can avoid all the routine activities. If you want to avoid all the messes, your contract must have a clause which mentions that the renter must clean up the apartment or home. Such a clause can severely reduce how much of cleaning would be needed after the renters gets out of the property. It is possible to find free of cost lease agreement PDF online, and get one that can be customized for your needs.

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