Tips For Being Safe This Memorial Day Weekend in Philadelphia

Memorial day is a sacred day in the United States, intended to honor fallen soldiers, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, it has become one of the most dangerous driving weekends of the year. With it right around the corner, you should be mindful and start to prepare yourself now.

If you decide to drive over the holiday weekend, there are several ways you can try to stay safe on the road. That being said, accidents do happen no matter how much precaution you take.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to have a reliable Philadelphia car accident lawyer in the event something tragic happens.

We talked to an expert accident attorney to learn more ways to stay safe this holiday weekend.

How to Stay Safe Over Memorial Day Weekend

Based on previous years data, the National Safety Council estimates up to 415 people may die on the roads during the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. Because of this, it’s especially important if you decide to be on the road, you take extra care and plan ahead. The following are tips from accident lawyers on how to be safe on the road over the holiday weekend:

  • Pay attention to the road, drive distraction free
  • Have a designated driver or use alternate transportation
  • Buckle up
  • Drive the speed limit
  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles
  • Avoid driving at night

Remember, even if you’re sober, don’t drive if you feel tired. While it’s not against the law, it could lead to an accident due to slower reaction times. And never drink and drive.

Philadelphia DUI Laws

There are several reasons not to drink and drive no matter what day it is. However,  if you get pulled over or get into an accident, you should know the Philadelphia DUI laws. The legal limit is .08% which only takes a few drinks to reach. The punishment for drinking and driving can be anything from a hefty fine, to several years in jail along with a suspended license. Even if you’re below the legal limit, if you get into an accident you will be considered too drunk to drive in the eyes of the law and treated like a high BAC level. Pennsylvania takes DUIs very seriously, so when possible either have a designated driver, or use alternate transportation.

How An Accident Lawyer Can Help

Even if you follow all the rules and practice safe driving, accidents can still happen. That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable, experienced accident attorney. They can help you in a sticky situation, or get you the justice and compensation you need.

Don’t wait until something tragic happens to find an accident lawyer. Be prepared by having their number handy and be sure they’re your first point of contact in any event.

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